About me:

Discovering my passion for electronics thanks to music since age 10, and building my own instruments, speakers and devices with microcontrollers led me to my current field: software development and architecture. From mechanics work to PCB design, solving complex problems "magically" with lines of code or engineering practices drives my day.

And don't forget to mix music somewhere in between, nothing transmits feelings better than it does! Feeling and understanding it, sprinkled with tons of artistic inspiration and a deep understanding of the technologies underlying robotic lighting is what keeps me awake at night (in a good way!).

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Project Showcase:

Affordable cellular off-site cameras

Developing and installing custom firmware & drivers for GSM/LTE modems. Using low-priced security cameras to remotely surveil areas for around 30 dollars. Includes cellular plan cost analysis.

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Vehicle pneumatic (air) suspension system

automotive electronics embedded open source

Mechanic system design and install. Custom-designed pneumatic controller from firmware to PCB. Much more affordable and programmable than competing products, while meeting safety standards.

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